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Hispanic Latino Services & Resources

El Centro Comunitario de New Haven

51-F Lang St.
Greenwood, SC 29646
(864) 229-7016

This organization is dedicated to outreach and provides: homework centers, free clinics, a food bank, and wellness programs.


Hispanic-American Women’s Association

115 Brigadoon Ct.
Greer, SC 29650
(864) 848-3792
Contact: Maria Eugenia Narvaes

The organization develops activities that support enjoyment of the Hispanic language, culture and folklore, and that raises money to provide educational opportunities for students of Hispanic origin through scholarships.

Hispanic Horizons
812 North Main St.
Greer, SC 29651
(864) 905-8358
Contact: Marta Lucia Cohen

Hispanic Horizons is dedicated to the preservation of cultural values within Hispanic/Latino families. The goal of the organization is to maintain, support, and unite the Latino community in the upstate.

Hispanic Outreach/ Acercamiento Hispano
5808-E Shakespeare Rd.
Columbia, SC 29224
Phone: (803) 714-0085
Toll-Free: 1-800-372-3312
Fax: (803) 714-0474

The organization can provide international-related assistance in the following areas:
–  Immigration services (Certified by the US Immigration and Naturalization Service)
–  Interpretation services in courts, hospitals, and clinics
–  Translation of documents, books, and manuals
–  Workforce development

International Center of York County

217 Orange St.
Rock Hill, NC 29730
(803) 980-2098
Contact: Barbara Guidry

This organization serves two purposes:
1)   Provides services to non-English speaking/culturally diverse individuals. Services include: referrals, translation services, and a Christmas assistance program.
2)   Supports and supplements various agencies when they have a Spanish speaking client. This includes acting as victim advocates.