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Native American Affairs Initiative

Young Native American family of three pose with a blanket wrapped around them

About the Native American Affairs Initiative:

The South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs was created in 1993 by the General Assembly to provide the citizens of the State with a single point of contact for information regarding the State’s minority population.

In 2001, the Native American Affairs Ad Hoc Committee was created and housed at the Commission with the goal of establishing an Indian Affairs Commission for the State of South Carolina through collaboration with the Commission. Through the hard work an dedication of the Ad Hoc Committee, The Commission’s statute was changed adding the Native American Affairs Initiative under the duties of the Commission. Since 2003, the Commission has been committed to strengthening the relationships between South Carolina’s Native American Indian communities and government.

The Commission carries out it’s duties under Chapter 31, Title 1 of the SC Code of Laws of 1976, Section 1-31-40(A)(6)(10) and Chapter 139, Article 1 of the Code of Regulations which include but are not limited to the following:

  • influencing public policy and state services;
  • maintaining an advisory committee;
  • development and implementation of statistical data;
  • addressing the needs of the population; and 
  • state recognition of Native American entitites.

Our Vision

All Native American citizens of South Carolina and their communities will be treated equitably and see economic prosperity through recognition, policy changes, collaboration, educational initiatives, and increased public awareness of the significant contributions that Native Americans have made to South Carolina’s rich cultural heritage.

Our Mission

To establish the framework to ensure social equity and economic prosperity for all Native American Indian citizens throughout the state of South Carolina through policy change, education, and increased awareness.

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