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SC Native American Conference

SC Native American Conference


To conduct an action-initiating conference that will unite Native American Indians and non-Indians with the common goal of improving collaboration, resources, and services in Native American Communities to continue to address the Education, Health, Economic, Social, and Cultural needs of our people; thus, resulting in capacity building initiatives and specific strategies to alleviate disparities and improve identified needs.



  • To encourage harmony and unity among Indian communities and individuals
  • To address social needs, with special emphasis on “health disparities”  and “housing” among Indian people
  • To address Indian economic development including the creation of jobs and increased employment and training opportunities
  • To showcase and honor our Native American Indian Elders and Youth for their contributions and continued work to improve the lives of South Carolina Indians
  • To showcase Native American Indian Artists and Business owners to create collaboration and networking opportunities to increase their visibility in the State and Nation
  • To showcase Native American Indian Cultural Events, heritage, history and art while creating opportunities for the public to engage and learn about Indians in this State


Photo Gallery from the 2009 SC Native American Conference:


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