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Use Federal Summer Food Funds to Feed Children in Your Community!

Use Federal Summer Food Funds to Feed Children in Your Community!

Host A Summer Food Service Program

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The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is a federally-funded program that provides free, nutritious meals to children age 18 or younger living in low-income areas, or pockets of poverty during the summer months when school is not in session.
Local governments, school districts and private nonprofit organizations can become sponsors and use federal summer food funds to feed children at one or multiple sites throughout the community. Sites must be located in a low-income area or serve primarily low-income children. Locations can include:

  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Housing complexes
  • Indian reservations
  • YMCAs
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Houses of worship
  • Other places where children gather
  • Summer camps and programs serving primarily migrant children also can participate and serve up to three meals a day under slightly different rules

Sponsors are reimbursed for the number of meals served to each eligible child multiplied by the appropriate reimbursement rate.
The SFSP is one of the most under-utilized federal assistance programs. The SFSP is the key to helping fill the hunger gap for children who receive free and reduced-price meals during the regular school year.


Three Ways to Participate

Become a Sponsor
As a sponsor, you can make a difference to the nutritional well-being of the children in your community. Not only will you receive training, but you will also be able to establish eligible sites; arrange for meal preparation and delivery; hire, train, and supervise staff; and perform other valuable community services for the children near you.

Run a Site
You may want to consider running a site. Some organizations do not have the financial or administrative ability to run the program, but can supervise food service for children, along with recreational or enrichment activities. You may want to consider supervising a site. You will receive valuable training by a sponsor on how to run a site. SCDSS will link you to an organization (sponsor) that will provide meals to you.
If your organization cannot take on the responsibilities of a sponsor or a site, you can team up with a sponsor to volunteer to assist in activities that help make summer healthy and fun for the children in your community. By volunteering, you can teach a child to swim, fly a kite, garden, cook, read, and many other activities so important to the well-being of a child.
For more information on eligibility requirements and the ways you can participate in the SFSP, refer to the USDA Summer Food Service Program website @ www.summerfood.usda.gov or email us @ mailto:summerfood@dss.sc.gov or call Ms. Patricia Williams @ (803)898-0408.

Use the button below to download registration form for the upcoming interest meetings to be held March 2014~ May 2014 is attached. Please fax or email the form back to SCDSS.

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