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Non-Profits / Community Based Services

Looking to start a non-profit organization?

Do you need to apply for a 501c3 status?

Would your non-profit organization like to increase its capacity or run more efficiently?

We can help. To learn more about the CMA’s training and technical assistance for non-profit and community based organizations, call today.

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The South Carolina Commission for Minority Affair’s Community Based Services Initiative exists to assist faith and community based groups implement programs to alleviate socio-economic deprivation in minority and poor communities. Because many of those groups are in their infancy, capacity building is the major focus of the Commission’s work in this area.

Our Community Based Services Initiative conforms to President George Bush’s faith based approach to providing community services closest to the people who need them. This work includes providing technical assistance and training in the following areas:

  •         Process for becoming state chartered
  •         Process for applying for tax exempt status – 501 (c) 3
  •         Qualification and selection of Board members
  •         Non-Profit board training
  •         Community partnerships
  •         Funding opportunities
  •         Technical assistance

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