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Role of Non-Profits Board of Directors

What Is a Non-profit Board of Directors?

• A non-profit board of directors is a group of persons chosen to govern

the affairs of a non-profit organization and to protect the public trust.

• The officers of the board are usually Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson,

Secretary, and Treasurer.


How Important is the Board of Directors?

• A non-profit organization is required by law to have a board of


• The board is the key to the success of a non-profit organization.


What are the Board’s Responsibilities?

The non-profit board of directors responsibilities include the following:

• Defining, protecting, and advancing the mission of the organization;

• Exercising moral and legal oversight;

• Safeguarding the organization’s assets;

• Recruiting and hiring staff;

• Acting as ambassadors for the organization.

Who Should Serve on a Non-profit Board of Directors?

Persons who serve on a non-profit board should bring the following to the


• Passion

• Vision

• Expertise

• Connections

• Money