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Working Together Works Poverty Summit

Working Together really Works!

The 2017 Working Together Works Poverty Summit: Forging New Pathways to Fight Poverty in SC brought together leaders across the state in April 2017 to explore the most effective ways in which we can help address issues related to poverty and develop solutions.

We want to sincerely thank everyone who participated in the event and made it possible. A special thank you to Keynote Speaker, The Honorable Gilda Cobb Hunter, who delivered a powerful keynote address.

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Thanks for your great feedback!

Following the Summit, the Commission for Minority Affairs has been working diligently, gathering all of your feedback and input. We are excited to report that as a result of your work we have accomplished the following:

  • Held the 2017 Working Together Works Poverty Summit April 20, 2017 with 150+ in attendance
  • Completed Draft Strategic Action Plan for three-year implementation, which we hope to share with you soon
  • Created a framework for our “Let’s Talk” community meeting

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We Set Ambitious Goals.

Strategic2020VisionIn 2020, we want to see:

Policies and systems are in place that increase access to healthcare and equitable education; expand economic development opportunities and promote a fair and equitable criminal justice system.

To ensure that the above critical success factors are addressed in the strategic action plan, the Ad Hoc Committee developed two strategies that will guide six strategic outcome focus areas necessary to achieve the Strategic 2020 Vision.  Those strategies and focus areas are outlined below:

Strategic Objective One: Strategy 1 (S1) – Develop Leadership/Management/Legislative Commitment

InterAgencyInter-Agency Partnerships

Desired Outcome:  Develop buy-in and collaboration among agencies and organizations


  1. Create SCCMA Poverty Threat System to track poverty changes by 12/20
  2. Launch Poverty Threat Resource Portal by 7/20

DataData Management

Desired Outcome: Integrated approach for data collection and management


  1. Implement a data center on poverty that tracks and reports progress by 12/20
  2. Launch website highlighting data by 12/20

Poverty AgendaPoverty Policy Agenda

Desired Outcome: An approach to assess and evaluate policies and laws


  1. Comprehensive statewide plan to reduce poverty by ____% by 12/20
  2. Reduce rate of poverty by 50% by 12/20

Strategic Objective Two: Strategy 2 (S2) – Increase Awareness, Accessibility and Equity

CommunCommunity Engagement and Advocacy

Desired Outcome: A plan that engages and educates low wealth communities regarding access to resources

Goal:  SCCMA will lead other service organizations to implement a community education plan regarding how to access resources by 7/20

EduEquity in Public Education

Desired Outcome: Build framework for performance based education system


  1. Increase academic performance for all early childhood education students by 12/2
  2. Increase teachers’ recruitment, retention and their competency on poverty impact and funding by 12/20

CrimEquity in the Criminal Justice System

Desired Outcome:  Eliminate disparities in the criminal justice system


  1. Reduce recidivism of males going back to prison by __% (African American – 5%, Latino – 3%, other) by 12/20
  2. Expand benefits, programs and resources for those re-entering society by 12/20

We’ve already started working.

Let’s Talk Community Meetings

We hosted a series of community conversations across the state in order to better understand what poverty looks like at a local level. We gathered input and feedback from people in the communities you serve.

Through these Let’s Talk sessions, in connection with our other Working Together Works Initiatives, we hope to continue to build on our comprehensive plan that addresses poverty and depravation in South Carolina.

  • Aug. 12, Lancaster, SC, University of South Carolina Lancaster Native American Studies Center
  • Aug. 24, Anderson, SC, Westside Community Center Wellness Center, view photos
  • Sept. 14, Columbia, SC, Allen University Willie E. Johnson Conference Center Mattie & Roger Scott Room, view photos
  • Sept. 21, Florence, SC, Florence Darlington Technical College Auditorium, view photos
  • Sept. 28, Allendale, SC, Allendale Community Center, view photos
  • Oct. 20, North Charleston, SC, Charleston Southern University Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership, view photos
  • Oct. 28, Manning, SC, Clarendon County Council on Aging
  • Nov. 4, Spartanburg, SC, CC Woodson Community Center

Want to learn more? Please contact CMA info@cfma.sc.gov

Summit Work Groups

Did you find your Summit Work group impactful? Do you want to be a part of leading and formulating the goals listed? Your input was valued and we would like to extend the opportunity of your continued input through the establishment of a standing committee.

Interested serving on this committee? Please contact CMA info@cfma.sc.gov

Next Steps

  • Compile feedback from “Let’s Talk” Sessions
  • Integrate and update proposed “Forging New Pathways to Fight Poverty” Plan
  • Develop “Forging New Pathways to Fight Poverty” Strategic Plan Steering Committee
  • Develop Strategic Plan Outcome Area Owners and Committees
  • Provide additional Community Engagement and Update Efforts
  • Present Final Strategic Plan June 2018 during CMA’s 25th Anniversary Celebration