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WHY should I fill out the Census form?

Three reasons: Representation, Resources, and Respect

You can watch a video with more information on the Census website.

PSA: How Does the 2020 Census Affect Representation?

2020 Census PSA: Care

S.C., greater Aiken area swelled over the past decade, census data shows

HOW do I fill out the Census form?

You can submit your Census form by:


Local Library



How Do I Take the 2020 Census? A New PSA

2020 Census Informational Questionnaire (English/Spanish)

Would you like to practice filling out the form at home? You can view a sample Census form by visiting the Census website.

WHO should fill out the Census form?

Everyone (especially your children ages 0 to 5)

Data in your area of those who are in risk of being miscounted

Counting Young Children in the 2020 Census

Children Under 5 Among Most Undercounted in Last Census

7-Year-Old Opera Singer And Actress Wants Kids to be Counted in the 2020 Census

Census 2020 Complete Count Committees

A list of Complete Count Committees in your area

Census 2020 Resources

American Library Association (ALA)

ALA is advocating for a fair, accurate, and inclusive Census that recognizes the roles libraries will play in this vital civic effort. 

School Activities

Census 20/20

The Census 20/20 mission is to foster community preparedness and inspire individual action to support a fair and accurate census in 2020 and beyond.

Avoiding Fraud and Scams During the 2020 Census

How Can You Verify That Someone is a Census Worker?

Become a Partner

Not yet a 2020 Census partner? This once-a-decade count is critically important. Learn how it can impact your community and how you can benefit from partnering.

The 2020 Census is Accessible for Everyone

Complete Count 2020 Minigrant Application

2020 Census PSA: What is the 2020 Census?

You can also email your Census questions to

Counting People in Rural and Remote Locations

Census Year in Review

Preview of the 2020 Census Video Language Guide

What to expect in 2020 as the national census gets underway in South Carolina

Sumter residents, your Census response is worth $15k

Georgetown gets ahead of 2020 census with Town Hall


Data and Research

Interactive Gallery

Fostering Court Improvement

Fostering Court Improvement is committed to provide every state in the nation a platform of shared data that the Dependency Court and Child Welfare Agency can collaboratively use to make informed decisions, manage operations, monitor performance, and make systemic changes to improve outcomes for children and families.

The Modern Family: Changes in Structure and Living Arrangements in the United States

Students will learn why families are important social institutions and how family structures, household sizes, and living arrangements have changed substantially since the 1970s.

Census Business Builder (CBB)

Data Gems: How to Access Race Data on

Data Gems: How to Select Your Area to Access Data

Get State Information

PSA: How will Census Data be Used?

'Money and Power': Why a York County headcount could mean big money, for a long time

A Full 2020 Census Count of Military Service Members and Families is Important to Their Communities



Job Details

Find a Recruiting Event Near You

Census 2020 Employment

Part-Time and Temporary Work

See Pay Rates

New Updates to Job-to-Job Flows Explorer on Workers Job-Hopping Across Cities

SC has some of the highest need for part-time 2020 census workers

Columbia-area call center seeking 780 employees to handle national Census phone lines



2020 Census Taglines, Logos Available Now for 12 Non-English Languages

Outreach Materials

PSA Toolkit

Census Bureau Releases New Content on in 59 Languages

2020 Census Advertising and Outreach Campaign


Office of the Governor

2020 Census Complete Count Committee Document


The Opportunity Project

The Opportunity Project will bring tech companies, universities, communities, and government together over 14 weeks to develop digital products that solve workforce challenges using federal open data.


Response Outreach Area Mapper (ROAM)

The Response Outreach Area Mapper (ROAM) application was developed to make it easier to identify hard-to-survey areas and to provide a socioeconomic and demographic characteristic profile of these areas using American Community Survey (ACS) estimates available in the Planning Database.

ROAM Quick Tips Guide



This site provides documentation, examples, and guides focused on using the Census Data API in frontend and backend Javascript applications by unitizing CitySDK, which streamlines, and enhances the usability and access to the data. Please visit the CitySDK website for more information.



Protecting Privacy with MATH (Collab with the Census)

Smartphones, Online Responses Among Census Technological Innovations

Data Protection and Privacy Program