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Immigration Program Initiative

Our Mission

The mission of the Immigration Program Initiative is to establish a framework to ensure justice and cultural equality in the state of South Carolina through policy reform, educational awareness, and resource development.

Resources on Immigration and Current Executive Orders

Many of our communities are receiving incorrect information about current immigration enforcement and executive orders. In order to help our communities receive accurate information, we have provided an Informational Sheet with links that may be helpful in understanding the current political climate and change.

The information provided is only for information purposes. The SC Commission for Minority Affairs is not responsible for third party views and information.

Future Resources and Services

  • Community Conversation Opportunities: The Immigration Program Initiative will provide conversation sessions that will offer citizens a space to discuss issues and solutions with law enforcement on immigration topics.

  • Community Assistance Day: The Immigration Program Initiative will provide assistance "pop-ups" on designated days throughout the state that will offer assistance with services, such as legal aid, applying for VISAs, citizenship, etc., state provided immigrant services, and more.

  • The Immigration Program Initiative will provide the service of a 24-hour toll-free number and website for the purposes of reporting information in compliance with South Carolina Code of Law, Section 8-30-10.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • The Immigration Program Initiative will compose a report that will outline and analyze data on immigration in the state of South Carolina to illustrate the need for immigration services and policy reform.

Are you an attorney? Have experience with immigration law? Looking for an opportunity to volunteer?

Please email for more information