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Immigrant Law Assistance Line


The Immigrant Law Assistance Line (IMLA) allows people to report violations of federal immigration law or related provisions of South Carolina law committed by and/or against any non-U.S. citizen or immigrant (SC Code of Laws, § 8-30-10).  People can make a report online or via a 24-hour, toll-free number. When a report is received, the CMA designated staff shall notify the appropriate response agency, which will address the report at their discretion.

To report online, go to For Organization Name, type “imla”.

To report over the phone, call 855-252-7949.

For the IMLA flyer.

Federal Immigration Law Topics*

Lack of / Expired Documentation

False / Fraudulent Documentation

E-Verify (Federal Work Authorization Program)

Related Provisions of SC Law Topics*

Immigration Assistance Services

Human Trafficking


Public Assistance Benefits (e.g., SNAP Fraud, Unemployment Insurance Benefits Fraud)

Public Services

*These are not exhaustive topic lists.

For more information, please email