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Hispanic/Latino Affairs Division


The Hispanic/Latino Affairs Division of the South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs examines and addresses the causes and challenges faced by the state’s Hispanic/Latino community. The division will address several issues including economics, education, health, criminal justice and human rights. The division is vital in helping the Commission achieve its mission of providing constructive solutions and approaches to support the policy and socio-economic development of ethnic minority communities.


To establish the framework to ensure social equity and economic prosperity for all Hispanics/Latinos throughout the state of South Carolina through policy change, education, and increased awareness.


All Hispanics/Latinos of South Carolina will be treated equitably and see economic prosperity through policy changes, collaboration, educational initiatives, and increased public awareness of the significant contributions of Hispanics/Latinos to South Carolina’s rich cultural heritage. 

Program Services

  • Business Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Cultural Diversity Training
  • Information and Referral
  • Minority Population Specific Training
  • Organizational Development
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Technical Assistance 



The S.C. Commission for Minority Affairs, the state’s agency designated to be the single point of contact for information on minorities in South Carolina, has released its 2019 State of Hispanics in South Carolina report.

This report provides a snapshot of Hispanics in the State of South Carolina and a general overview of each topic area. These topics include population demographics, the importance of family in the Hispanic community, education, business growth, economic contribution, military participation, health disparities, and state employee demographics. Overall, the report offers a mix of encouraging findings and items that require policy intervention and further study.

2019 Snapshot | State of Hispanics in South Carolina Document in English       2019 Panoroma General | El Estado de los Hispanos en Carolina de Sur

   Download English Version (PDF)                         Download Spanish Version (PDF)