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The S.C. Commission for Minority Affairs’ Research Services exists to provide critical data and information for decision-making purposes. Research Services seeks to assists the general public, public officials, the private sector, non-profit, and faith-based organizations with statistical data and analysis.

The goal of Research Services is to both create and maintain a comprehensive database of statistics regarding each of the minority populations in which the Commission serves. In addition, the research staff is involved in conducting simple to complex research, public policy analysis, information dissemination and the development of publications which accurately reflect the current status of the minority populations in South Carolina.

The research conducted by the staff of the South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs will provide ongoing statistical data, public policy analysis, and survey-based research. The research and related findings involve the following:

  • To study the causes and effects of socioeconomic poverty and deprivation facing minorities;
  • To provide statistical data and policy recommendations to state agencies and public officials to implement initiatives to alleviate such deprivation;
  • To establish and maintain a database of statistical information for distribution to members of the General Assembly and other entities capable of effecting change;
  • To serve as the State’s clearinghouse for minority statistical information and to publish a Statewide statistical abstract on minority affairs;
  • To provide communities with a single point of contact to obtain raw data and information necessary for local research and planning;
  • To develop and make available on an as-needed basis specialized statistical publications, raw data, analysis and findings in cooperation with state agencies, public officials, and the general public


Research Brief Header

The Research Briefs provides a snapshot of the latest analysis of topics that are of interest to policymakers, practitioners, researchers, government agencies, colleges/universities and the general public. If you have any questions concerning the research methodology, contact Dr. Robert Fenton, Director of Research, at

January 2022

Minority Homeownership in South Carolina (Download PDF)

This report, prepared by Social Science Research Analyst Ashley Hanna-Williams, provides a brief overview of South Carolina's minority homeownership figures and trends for the past decade.

Hispanic/Latinos: National Origins, Citizenship Status and Income (Download PDF)

This report, prepared by intern Mateo Pierce-Mosquera and Research Director Dr. Robert P. Fenton, provides pertinent data on the state's growing Hispanic/Latino community, particularly around the issue of citizenship and income. 

February 2022

Asian American and Pacific Islanders in South Carolina (Download PDF)

Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are the third largest minority ethnic group in South Carolina. However, due to cultural, national, and linguistic differences, the pan-ethnic label "AAPI" obscures more than it reveals. This brief, prepared by Research Director Dr. Robert P. Fenton, examines data on national origins and geographical dispersal amongst the AAPI community in South Carolina.

March 2022

African American Representation in Health Care: Racial Disparities within the State's Healthcare Workforce (Download PDF)

This report, prepared by Social Science Research Analyst Ashley Hanna-Williams, provides a brief overview of African American representation within the state's healthcare system. Data originated from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey One-Year and Five-Year Estimates. This information has been presented publicly at the South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs Black History Month Celebration on February 10, 2022.

Gender Pay Wage Gap By State (Download PDF)

In recognition of Women's History Month, Social Science Research Analyst Ashley Hanna-Williams discusses the difference between median earnings for men and women who worked full-time between 2015 and 2019.




Research Presentation Header

February 2022

African American Representation in Health Care: Increasing Racial and Ethnic Diversity Amongst South Carolina's Healthcare Systems (Download PDF)

This presentation, delivered by Social Science Research Analyst Ashley Hanna-Williams, was prepared for the 2022 Black History Month Celebration honoring Black leaders in healthcare and wellness. The presentation provides information on the contributions of African Americans in healthcare.