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Small But Mighty: The Power of Small Business


Small businesses are the backbone of our communities. From neighborhood grocery stores and cozy restaurants to vibrant barbershops and dance studios, they're the heart and soul of our neighborhoods.

With our series "Small But Mighty: The Power of Small Business," the objective is clear: to provide small business owners and the next wave of creative and innovative entrepreneurs with the tools, resources, and connections they need to succeed.

We invite you to join the conversation by using the hashtag #SmallButMightySC to share your stories about the small businesses driving South Carolina forward.

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Season 1


Small But Mighty: The Power of Small Business

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Episode 1

Small But Mighty: The Power of Small Business – Christa Williams, Uncle Willie’s Grocery Store

SBM_Christa Williams

Located on historic Main Street, Uncle Willie's Grocery Store has become more than just a place to shop; it has become a hub for the community. In the premiere episode of our new series "Small but Mighty: The Power of Small Business, "Christa Williams, the owner of Uncle Willie's Grocery Store, shares her passion for serving the locals, building connections, and creating a space that feels like home.

In this series episode, we'll take you behind the scenes of:

1. The origins of Uncle Willie's and Christa's commitment to the community

2. The unique products and services that have won the hearts of customers far and wide

3. Christa's unwavering dedication to supporting local farmers and businesses

4. How Uncle Willie's Grocery Store has grown and adapted to changing times

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Episode 2

Small But Mighty: The Power of Small Business – Lina and Ismael Cordero, Waffle Drop

SBM_Waffle Drop


Nestled in Hampton Station, Greenville's very own Waffle Drop brings a taste of Hong Kong to South Carolina, courtesy of Lina and Ismael Cordero. This dynamic couple saw an opportunity to blend cultures and introduce the bubble waffle—a beloved Hong Kong treat—to a whole new audience.

In the second episode of "Small But Mighty: The Power of Small Business," join us as we indulge in the sweet success of Waffle Drop:

1. How Lina and Ismael were inspired to introduce this Hong Kong classic to South Carolina

2. The special twist they add to their bubble waffles to make them truly one-of-a-kind

3. Their experiences as business owners hailing from Ecuador and Mexico and how their diverse backgrounds influence Waffle Drop

4. The role Waffle Drop plays in the growing diversity of Greenville County Tune in and don’t miss this opportunity to learn how Waffle Drop has been making life a little sweeter in Greenville.

Watch the episode: Facebook / YouTube