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Vanessa Mota

                                                          Honoring Vanessa Mota

                                                      Vanessa Mota

Vanessa Mota considers herself a native of Columbia even though she was born in Chicago, IL because she loves the region and the people that she has had the pleasure of working with.  

Vanessa Mota founded Mota Enterprises because she saw a need for Latino entrepreneurs to have support so they could thrive in their businesses. Her mission is to unite, connect, and diversify anywhere she is involved.  

Through her company, she is able to connect Latino businesses with others so they can learn from each other.  

Vanessa is currently an advisor for the Mayor's Minority Business Council where she represents Latino businesses as she helps them navigate government projects.

She serves on the board of directors of the East Point Academy, she supports the Columbia International Festival and enjoys working with all the organizations represented there. 

Vanessa has been featured on Latinos Statewide Newspaper, Prospanica Newsletter, and Exposure Magazine.  

Vanessa Mota continues to work with various community and business groups in the area to highlight the work of Latinos in Columbia.